Why have Air Conditioning Maintenance ?

Benefits of Regular Maintenance of air-conditioning systems

The equipment needs to have routine inspection, checks and cleaning works carried out during its lifetime. The main benefits of regular planned preventative maintenance (PPM) of air conditioning systems can be categorised in to the following areas.

Preventing Costly Defects

The manufacturer’s warranty is in fact conditional on these routine maintenance works being carried out by the Installing Dealer or a recognised Service Agent. Routine maintenance also maintains the efficiency of the equipment. For example dirty or blocked filters can mean insufficient air to the evaporator coils causing inefficiency of the unit. This could well be harmful to the major and costly component of the unit, namely the compressor. Blocked Filters can cause the unit to freeze, and the subsequent defrost causes severe water leakage. As part of the maintenance routines we utilise electronic equipment to check for refrigerant leaks and Airtech can often cure a “pinhole” leak before the HFC / HCFC refrigerant gas completely discharges into the atmosphere, further depleting the ozone layer.

Savings through Energy efficiency

Systems receiving no maintenance can consume between 20% and 60% more energy when operational. These figures can be verified through CIBSE, HVCA, IOR and other industry bodies, including the specific equipment manufacturers. Translating this to a typical 10kW split air-conditioning system comprising a single condenser operating a single fan coil unit, under a normal operating pattern of say 500 hours a year in its cooling mode the unit would consume 1,900 kW hrs of electrical power. Multiply this by an average tariff of say 11p / kW hr gives a total annual running cost of £209.00. A worst case scenario of 60% more energy consumption would leave you with an annual cost of up to £125.00 more to operate the same system. This figure is of course a worst case scenario but even at a lower assumption of say 20% more energy consumed, where there are multiple systems the cumulative result is a greater overall running cost than maintained systems.

Life cycle cost- extened life of the equipment.

Regular Preventative Planned Maintenance has proven to extend the working life of a typical system, reduce the likelihood of disruptive breakdowns and help to fix costs for annual budget planning by predicting regular charges. Average annual cost of maintaining a single system (which would have cost say £3,500.00 to install) would be in the order of say £200.00 but a single system repair bill could range between say £300.00 to £1,500.00

Environmental considerations.

Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) a section has been introduced that requires an inspection programme to air conditioning systems. Air conditioning systems inspections (ACI) set out that from January 2011 any single system of over 12kW capacity, or collective of systems in a single property totalling over 12kW, must have an inspection carried out by an accredited assessor. To support the inspection requirement maintenance records should be made available. Note that there is the possibility of a fine being imposed of £300.00 for non- compliance.

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