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Server Room and Data Centre Cooling Solutions

Server Room and Data Centre Cooing Solutions

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Reliable and energy efficient technical cooling solutions that meet the demands anywhere from a small single server room to a large commercial data centre.

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Failsafe technology - keeping your equipment safe.

In the unlikely event of a system failure, high end installations are designed with a backup system. When the running system fails, it will tell an interface to automatically start the second, or backup system. This  is all 100& automatic and an emergency repair alert can be sent out to whoever it may concern.

Airtech Air Conditioning Server Room Air Conditioning Design

Heat Recovery Technology

Reuse heat in other areas of the building!

When a space is cooled down using refrigerant, the warmth from the room needs to be exhausted away – usually atmosphere. However a Heat Recovery system is designed to capture this waste heat and utilise it elsewhere in the building e.g. hot water or comfort heat other rooms.

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Duty Rotation

Duty rotation comes standard with many manufactures such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. After set periods of time, the operating unit goes into standby mode, and the unit currently in standby mode takes over. This feature maximises the lifetime of each system, while also increasing efficiency. Duty Rotation can also be set up with the failsafe interface technology described above – increasing overall longevity, efficiency and reliability.

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Year round cooling - 24/7

Server Rooms and Data Centres need climate control 24/7 – without this some simply stop working. Cooling systems installed in these environments are designed to maximise uptime in a wide range of conditions, from temperatures as low as -15°C and and some as high as 50 °C.

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Looking to increase Efficiency?

We supply and install industry leading efficient equipment

Due to the nature of Server Rooms and Data Centres, they produce large amounts of heat if not correctly managed. Due to this space producing a large amount of heat, energy hungry units are often installed to cool the area down to the desired operating temperature. There are however a number of cooling solutions which are engineered to provide year-round cooling, whilst also focusing on efficiency and decreasing your annual running costs.

Heat Recovery Server Rooms Airtech Air Conditioning

Free Cooling Mode

Bring in cold air from outside

The free cooling mode reduces energy consumption due to utilising cool outdoor air during the winter months. this allows refrigerant-based cooling compressors to shut off or operate at a much lower capacity, which as result saves reduces electricity running costs.

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Small Offices

Small Business photo Server Room Airtech Air Conditioning
Smaller, quieter units ideal for small spaces with separate controls on each unit.

Medium Offices

Medium Business Server Room Airtech Air Conditioning
Our VRF Heat Pump or Heat Recovery solutions can satisfy all your climate needs whilst also focusing on efficiency.

Large Offices

Large Business Server Room options Airtech Air Conditioning
Chillers and Air side equipment are often the perfect solutions for controlling large office climates.

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