Airtech: Residential

Over the years since 1979, Airtech has expanded it range of services and as well as Air Conditioning we undertake heating, ventilation, plumbing,  electrical services and even swimming pools.

We undertake all sorts of jobs from Air-conditioning a bedroom in a mobile home to the full Air Conditioning and mechanical services of homes worth muti-millions of pounds.
The photos on the right show examples of  simple wall mounted Air Conditioners ranging to complex integrated ducted systems where nothing is visible except a discreet slot or Air Grille.
Equipment can be inbuilt into furniture, if required.
Our showroom, which you can see in the photos, incorporates many types of wall, ceiling and concealed units along with a fully operational heat recovery system that produces our hot water for radiators and washrooms.There is also an extensive selection of radiators and gas boilers etc.
You are welcome to visit our showroom or we can send a friendly advisor to your home to discuss your requirements based on your budget. Even if you only require a mobile air conditioning unit we will still be happy to give you the benefit of our advice completely free of charge.

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