Airtech Swimming Pools

Airtech have vast experience of installation and climate control for Indoor swimming pools. Maintaining a comfortable indoor pool environment requires the swimming pool water and air to be heated and held at approximately 27°C and 29°C respectively, there are many factors that need to be considered when running an indoor pool including : Water Heating, Air Heating, Air Cooling, Humidity Control, and Fresh Air ventilation. Our team can advise you on the most economical and energy saving solutions to suit your requirements

It is essential to keep the humidity level stable in an indoor pool environment as swimming pools continuously evaporate large volumes of moisture into the space around them and as a result of having high humidity and not only being uncomfortable to the bathing environment can also lead to structural and building damage. Heat recovery systems are the process of utilising waste heat from the atmosphere and distributing the warm air to heat the pool thus providing a cost effective and low energy solution.

There are many options available and Airtech will give you unbiased advice and can provide you with a free no obligation site survey and quotation. Airtech also design, supplies and installs Swimming Pools which include all the Pool and Ventilation HVAC Services.

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