Air Conditioning Study Home Office

Since recent events more and more people are working from Home using their Study Home Office.

This group of photos shows a mixture of entry level wall mounted units and complex concealed air conditioning units in various Study / Home Office applications.

Just as with commercial air conditioning, air conditioning has been proven to increase productivity which is essential in a work space.

If you travel for business or just spend a lot of time away from your home office, Airtech can provide you with a system which is externally controlled, so you can set and monitor your heating and cooling preferences without being at home.

We can provide a system to blend with your room décor and style whether it be  a traditional or contemporary room.

We have a variety of units to suit your needs and décor.

One of our experts will visit your home for a personal survey to ensure your climate requirements are met both realistically and tailored to suit your property to the highest level of

We provide portable or fixed air conditioning systems for the following areas of the home:

We have a large selection of different units for both heating and cooling your home.

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