Air Conditioning Kitchen

The kitchen is the main hub of your home requiring perfect climate control comfort cooling whilst preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Climate control in your Kitchen is essential part of everyday life. Not only does it reduce humidity, it purifies the air quality, prevents irritants such as pollen, mites and odours ensuring your Kitchen space is kept clean and safe.

Airtech can provide a number of different options to suit your cooling and heating requirements from a sleek wall mounted unit to a discreet ceiling grille. We have a variety of units to suit your needs and décor.

Our experts can advise you on the make and model that would benefit your space and lifestyle most accurately.

We have a variety of units to suit your needs and décor.

One of our experts will visit your home for a personal survey to ensure your climate requirements are met both realistically and tailored to suit your property to the highest level of

We provide portable or fixed air conditioning systems for the following areas of the home:

We have a large selection of different units for both heating and cooling your home.

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