Portable De-Humidifier Unit Blaupunkt Vaco 2504

  • Timer mode(adjustable 24-hour timer )
  • Prevent mold growth  (by maintaining optimum air humidity)
  • Continuous operation mode  (continuous operation to empty without water tank)
  • Drying of new buildings (dehumidification after completion of work and repairs)
  • Maximum dehumidification performance: 25l / 24h

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Product Details

Protect your spaces from humidity with Blaupunkt Vaco 2504 dehumidifiers. The device is equipped with a series of defined operating modes adjusted to specified locations. The optimal humidity level for individual rooms depends on their intended use.

The dehumidifier Vaco 2504 from Blaupunkt extracts 24 liters of water from the room air in 24 hours! Simply select the desired air humidity value via the digital display and enjoy a healthy indoor climate. Regular use of the device ensures proper moisture in the rooms and helps to prevent mold growth.

model BDH-RE-2504-H06C
Performance data
Dehumidification Performance, 32RH80% (L / 24h) 25
Humidity Adjustment Range, 5% Steps (%) 32-80
Operating Humidity Range (%) 30-90
Air circulation, Max./Mid. / Min. (m 3 / h) 190/170/130
Temperature working range (° C) 5-32
Recommended room size (m 2 ) 25-30-45
environmental Accounting
Power consumption (W) 352
Sound pressure level, min./mid./max. (DB (A)) 50/51/53
Weight, net / gross (kg) 14/17
Water tank (l) 3.5
Further data
Net dimensions, W x H x D (mm) 270x505x370
Shipping dimensions, W x H x D (mm) 335x550x430
Power supply (V ~ / Hz / Ph) 220 ~ 240/50/1
  • Handle / transport rollers
  • Integrated timer
  • Automatic mode
  • continuous operation
  • Display of current humidity value
  • External hose connection
  • automatic defrost
  • Fan adjustable
  • Water level viewing window
  • Overflow protection
  • Control LED full of water tank
  • Power LED

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