Blaupunkt Moby Blue S1111 Portable Air Conditioning Unit (WiFi) New Model

  • Powerful 3.5kw (12,000 btu/hr) Machine
  • Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Dehumidification
  • Auto Evaporative System
  • Exclusive Heat Pump Technology
  • Remote Controller / LCD display
  • Optional Wifi Smart Phone Control
  • Portable Air Conditioning Unit from German Company

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    16/07/2022 – These have sold out, link to the Gree Units in stock

    Gree GPH12AL Portable Heat Pump Air Conditioning Unit (Gree Shiny White)

      Product Details

      Moby Blue S1111 is a true revolution in the market. Intelligent technology allows to smartphone or tablet be the remote control. The intuitive mobile app, available on iOS and Android, allows you to remotely manage your air conditioner. You can use the extensive list of units functions (on, off, change mode) no matter where you are.

      The 1012W combines four functions – efficient cooling, heating, dehumidifying and ventilation, which makes it an universal air conditioning unit. Steady air distribution around the room provides Swing Function, creating a comfortable microclimate.

      Timer Mode allows you to set the unit to turn on/off automatically at desired time for selected mode, for example cooling. You can enjoy the optimal room temperature when you return home and additionally saving energy. The Moby Blue 1012W belongs to the highest energy class A + and has the appropriate EU energy label.

      Hidden Display emphasizes the unique design of the device. The LED display, which emits soft white light, makes the air conditioner extremely modern inside decoration.

      Independent dehumidification reduces the level of humidity in the room. It is ideal function to restore optimum air humidity during rainy periods.

      This portable air conditioner needs neither special installation nor water drainage, because it is equipped with a state-of-the-art auto evaporative system. The appliance is easy to operate with a remote control and can be freely positioned anywhere.

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      Key Functions

      • remote Control
      • WiFi function (remote control via smartphone or tablet)
      • control panel
      • 24-hour timer
      • Sleep mode
      • LCD display
      • washable filter
      • Auto-Restart
      • Smart function (automatic function adjustment for desired room temperature)
      • Self-diagnosis (self-diagnosis, detection and display of malfunctions)

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