Retail Air Conditioning and Climate Control

Retail Air Conditioning and Climate Control

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Reliable and energy efficient technical climate control solutions that meet the demands anywhere from a small shop to a large commercial retail centre.

Only the best designs go unnoticed.

With so many design options to work with, we can work with you to create a system that not only perfectly controls your climate, but also blends into decor of your shop.

Retail air conditioning and climate Control Airtech Air Conditioning

Heat Recovery Technology

Reuse heat in other areas of the building!

When a space is cooled down using refrigerant, the warmth from the room needs to be exhausted away – usually atmosphere. However a Heat Recovery system is designed to capture this waste heat and utilise it elsewhere in the building e.g. hot water or comfort heat other rooms.

Year round cooling & heating

Retail shops and stores need climate control. Cooling systems installed in these environments are designed to maximise uptime in a wide range of conditions, from temperatures as low as -15°C and and some as high as 50 °C.

Retail Air Conditioning by Airtech Air Conditioning

Looking to increase Efficiency?

We supply and install industry leading efficient equipment

With the use of renewable energy and efficient heat recovery technology, operational costs can be significantly reduced.

Retail AC Airtech Air Conditioning

Food Retail & Non-food Retail

Keeping your food fresh is vital to the success of your business. We supply and install the most energy efficient refrigeration solutions and precise climate control technologies to keep your food at the desired temperature.

Comfortable customers say longer and shop more. It is however to keep energy costs under control which is why a Heat Recovery solution may be the best suited option for you!

A complete climate control solution

Whether your project is big or small, we have the climate control solution to best fit your store.

6. Storage room & location of unit

The unit’s small footprint ensures for an easy installation and doesn’t take up valuable space.

1. Entrance / Door

Minimise cold and hot air loss via the entrance. With a complete heat recovery system a refrigerant based Air Curtain is a perfect example of how to increase efficiency of the building whilst also minimising electricity usage.

2. Ceiling

Manufacturers have started to design auto-cleaning units which collect dust build up and therefore give your unit more performance between maintenance services.

3. Shelves

Ducted or Concealed units can be installed behind or above shelves creating a seamless design.

4. Behind the counter

Integrate your Air Conditioning & Climate Control system to a BMS allowing you to control it anywhere in the world.

5. Refrigerators

A reliable back-up system is good practise to keep your freezers and refrigerators running all year round.

From small clothing shops to large department stores

Whether your project is big or small, we have the climate control solution to best fit your retail application.

Small-sized shops

Smaller, quieter units ideal for small spaces with separate controls on each unit.

Medium-sized shops

Retail Air Conditioning by Airtech Air Conditioning
Our VRF Heat Pump or Heat Recovery solutions can satisfy all your climate needs whilst also focusing on efficiency.

Large retail centres

Chillers and Air side equipment are often the perfect solutions for controlling large retail climates.

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From small B&Bs to large commercial hotels

Whether your project is big or small, we have the climate control solution to best fit your hotel.