Food Processing & Storage Cooling / Refrigeration

Food Processing & Storage Cooling / Refrigeration

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Reliable and energy efficient technical climate control solutions that meet the demands anywhere from a small kitchen to a large food distribution centre.

Year round cooling & heating - 24/7

Hotels need climate control 24/7. Cooling systems installed in these environments are designed to maximise uptime in a wide range of conditions, from temperatures as low as -15°C and and some as high as 50 °C.

Heat Recovery Technology

Reuse heat in other areas of the building!

When a space is cooled down using refrigerant, the warmth from the room needs to be exhausted away – usually atmosphere. However a Heat Recovery system is designed to capture this waste heat and utilise it elsewhere in the building e.g. hot water or comfort heat other rooms.

Food Processing & Storage Cooling Airtech Air Conditioning
Cold Room Food Cooling by Airtech Air Conditioning

Looking to increase Efficiency?

We supply and install industry leading efficient equipment

With the use of renewable energy and efficient heat recovery technology, operational costs can be significantly reduced.

Extremely durable

All units Airtech supply and install have been rigorously tested by the manufacture. Weather resistant housing and reliable technology guarantees longer product lifetimes, even in severe weather conditions.

From a small kitchen to a large distribution centre

Whether your project is big or small, we have the cooling solution to best fit your food processing & storage needs.

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