Business, Office & Retail Air Conditioning / Climate Control Solutions

Business, Office & Retail Air Conditioning / Climate Control Solutions

Take control of your building comfort and energy costs with a total HVAC climate control package designed, supplied and fitted by Airtech.

Airtech started in 1980 providing Close Control Computer Rooms and Office Air Conditioning System providing comfort cooling & heating.  We now take on process cooling from small wineries to large industrial warehouses.

Focus on your business

Your climate is our priority. With a climate control solution from Airtech you and your employees can work in comfort. Not only do we focus on designing the best system, technically and aesthetically for your space, but we also work on creating the most energy efficient solution, allowing you to focus your energy on your business.

Daikin Office Air Conditioning Solutions

Airtech is pleased to offer various solutions for our business requirements using the Daikin range of Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems. Daikin Air Conditioning systems are suitable for Business, Office and Retail. Wall Mounted Office Air Conditioning Units, Floor & Ceiling Cassette Office Systems available.

From small offices to large skyscrapers

Whether your project is big or small, we have climate control solutions to suit your buildings requirements.  Find the right fit by selecting your building size or need below.


Large Office Space Air Conditioning Airtech Air Conditioning
Providing the perfect Climate Control solution to any office of any size.

Fresh Air / Ventilation

Fresh Air Ventilation Air Conditioning by Airtech Air Conditioning
Bring in fresh and healthy air with an air handling unit, suitable for medium-large sized offices.

Wine Cellars & Wineries

Wine Cellar Air Conditioning and Climate Control Airtech Air Conditioning
Perfectly control temperature and humidity levels with the correct Climate Control solution.


Retail Air Conditioning by Airtech Air Conditioning
Keep you clients cool & comfortable while keeping your running costs under control.


Hotel Air Conditioning by Airtech Air Conditioning
With a well designed climate control solution from Airtech, your guests will be kept happy throughout their stay.


Leisure Centre Services Airtech Air Conditioning
Create the most comfortable environments for your visitors whilst reducing your operating costs.

Server Rooms & Data Centres

Large Business Server Room options Airtech Air Conditioning
Reliable and efficient cooling systems which keep your IT equipment running smoothly.

Food Processing & Storage

Cold Room Food Cooling by Airtech Air Conditioning
Reliable process cooling provides stable conditions for all types of food production, transport and storage.

Smart controls & BMS systems

Smart Control and BMS system Airtech Air Conditioning
Manage your climate from anywhere at any time. Set timer programmes, optimise efficiency and integrate third party equipment.