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Air Conditioning Conversion table by Airtech Air Conditioning



Convert Multiply by Convert Multiply By
Inches to millimetres 25.4 Millimetres to inches 0.03937
Feet to metres 0.3048 Metres to feet 3.281
Square inches to square millimetres 645.2 Square millimetres to square feet 0.00155
Square feet to square metres 0.0929 Square metres to square feet 10.764
Cubic feet to cubic metres 0.02832 Cubic metres per sec. to cubic feet per min. 35.315
Cubic feet to litres 28.31 Litres per sec. to cubic feet per min 0.0353
Gallons (UK) to litres 4.546 Litres to gallons (UK) 0.22
Ounces to grams 28.35 Grams to ounces 0.03527
Pounds to kilograms 0.4536 Kilograms to pounds 2.205
Tons to tonnes 1.016 Tonnes to tons 0.9842
Volume flow
Cubic feet per min. to cubic metres per sec 0.000472 Cubic metres per sec. to cubic feet per min 2119
Cubic feet per min. to litres per sec 0.4719 Litres per sec. to cubic feet per min 2119
Feet per min. to metres per sec 0.00508 Metres per sec to feet per min 197
Inches water gauge to millibars 2.491    
Inches water gauge to pascals (Pa) 249.1    
1 Pa = 1 Newton per sq. metre = 10² millibars      
Duty x temp rise x 1.25 = KW req.      

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